Holy Grail Blues

by Jared Saltiel

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released April 25, 2013

☉☽ ♄ ♃ ☿ ♂ ♀

written, produced and arranged by Jared Saltiel

mixed by Ken Rich
recorded by Ken Rich and Tomek Miernowski at Grand St. Recording in Brooklyn, NY
assistant engineer - Jake Lummus
mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound in New York, NY
additional production by Ken Rich & Tomek Miernowski

String quartet:

Maxim Moston - violin
Pico Alt - violin
Max Mandel - viola
Jeremy Turner - cello

on Holy Grail Blues:

Toby Singer - piano
Ken Rich - bass
Jared Saltiel - vocals and all other instruments

on The Moon, Mary & Me:

Toby Singer - keyboard
Megan Cox - vocals
Jared Saltiel - vocals and all other instruments



all rights reserved


Jared Saltiel Brooklyn, New York

Jared Saltiel’s The Light Within is a collection of "magical realist" songs, weaving cinematic orchestrations with interconnected narratives and esoteric imagery. Beneath the album’s surface layer of freewheeling yet accessible folk/rock lies a musical and narrative odyssey of exotic inner worlds and mysterious character sketches. ... more


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Track Name: Holy Grail Blues
Well, I never even saw the Holy Grail
No, I never lay a paw on the Holy Grail
The only vessel I could find
Was this bottle of wine
No, I never drank a drop from the Holy Grail

Oh, I went swimming in the devil’s sea with an angel’s dream
I served an evil white lady, devoted like a knight to his Queen
If I could just get free, I thought
I’d even pray on their Holy Cross
But it never crossed my mind, no holy water would get me clean

Oh no

Yeah, I came across a secret book written in code
Talking mercury & sulphur, talking transformation recipes of old
I put the mixture in my cup
Swirled it around, and I drank it up
I had visions, oh yeah I had visions, but I didn’t get no gold

I’ll tell you boy, you’re never gonna find the Holy Grail
But what the hell boy, look me up if you live to tell the tale
Won’t you tell me ‘cause I don’t know what to believe
I’m just drowning in this devil’s sea
So if you could just spare me a dollar boy, I’ll leave you be
Track Name: The Moon, Mary & Me (b-side)
The roof of this building is floor twenty-three
Up here it’s just the Moon, Mary, and me
The red flashing lights are the only stars out tonight
Full Moon glowing white, you’re the only goddess in sight

Mary, you know you’re not really that pure
They dragged you through the dirt to put you up on that hill
Now you gaze up at the Moon, thinking you should be there
High above this city, suspended in air

Mary, you know you’d be dark on your own
You glow, but you owe that to Santiago
When the sun doesn’t shine, they turn on your spotlight
If only they’d look in the sky, they’d see you reflected in Her light

Floor twenty-three has a small swimming pool
But the only reflection I see is the Moon
Mary, you’re too far to touch, you’re too far to talk to
On a hill above this city, that’s where they trapped you